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To ensure that every participant has access to the interactive and engaging MSICS eBook, HelpMeSee has launched a special fund to underwrite the cost of the eBook subscription. Our Cataract Surgery eBook Subscription Fund will provide our students — all of whom come from underserved areas and need our support to complete their training — unrestricted access to the eBook for the duration of their training. 

Our Cataract Surgery eBook Subscription Fund is a critical part of our effort. Give today.

Charitable gifts to HelpMeSee help to dramatically change the lives of countless children and adults by giving them sight, and when planned properly, these gifts may also provide tax savings, income, and other financial benefits for the donor and the donor’s family.

A legacy gift through your will or trust or by beneficiary designation to HelpMeSee can align your values with our critical mission of restoring sight to the world’s 20 million cataract blind, both now and in the future.

Regardless of the amount of your wealth, every person can make a legacy gift to HelpMeSee.

The HelpMeSee Cataract Surgery eBook Subscription Fund

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